Unconventional art that will bring a little green into your life.

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wear nature

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ear wraps

Meandrous’ first design, and still the most popular, Ear wraps require no piercings and are light as a feather. Made from carefully arranged, hand painted roses and expertly twisted wires, Meandrous ear wraps look like they’ve grown right on you.

Designs reflect a number of seasons, from Spring and around to Winter, and special-release designs include unique flora combinations like clover, mushrooms, and more.

personal accessories

This wearable art style is also available in:

~ hair combs and clips

~ brooches

~ statement necklaces

~ and ornamental headbands


for the home

Meandrous brings its classic vibe home into pieces that you can display as functional art. Wrapped candles, touch up mirrors, attention-grabbing portrait and memento frames, and other limited-release collections give you a way to display nature in a truly unique way.

The Difference

Want your jewelry to be made with better materials, more care, AND cost less than the rest? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Meandrous has served jewelry lovers ’round the world since it was first established in 2004, but with the boom of flower crowns and flower hair clips, what keeps Meandrous designs standing out in a saturated market?

Simple: superior, eco-friendly materials, and a strict policy of completely one-off designs.
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see the materials in action

Never worn an ear wrap? Don’t panic!

See how to wear and fit your own ear wrap, check out the strength and durability of Meandrous flowers, learn about care for your piece of wearable nature, and see how an ear wrap is made, all in this short video!

objets d’art

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Miniature landscapes that range from elegant to pleasantly kitsch. For dollhouse collectors and miniatures enthusiasts to those just love to own unique art, these tiny creations are painstakingly handcrafted. Bring your magnifying glass– no detail is left unfinished!


Designing both individual accessories to add to your existing collection, or full dollhouse scenes to display, Meandrous offers a variety of pieces that can mesh perfectly with dollhouse houses and gardens, fairy or gnome potted gardens, or even for use in tabletop games like Warhammer. Custom jobs are always welcomed!

diorama jewelry

Pushing the boundaries of what can be done with dioramas, Meandrous designs pack tons of features into tiny, wearable packages. From necklaces to rings to earrings, new designs are always in process to bring you the ultimate in one of a kind, quirky jewelry.

lots of love

its so beautiful and i get compliments on it whenever i wear it out. i love how you can adjust the flowers in anyway you want on your ear too. super good quality as well 🙂 thank you, again! ❤

Denae L., Washington

Simply gorgeous!! These earrings are so beautiful and I had the best experience with the store owner. So thoughtful and talented! Thanks so much! I am really happy with my purchase and highly recommend purchasing from Meander!

Marianne R., Washington

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