The Difference

Want your jewelry to be made with better materials, more care, AND cost less than the rest? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Meandrous has served jewelry lovers ’round the world since it was first established in 2004, but with the boom of flower crowns and flower hair clips, what keeps Meandrous designs standing out in a saturated market?

Simple: superior, eco-friendly materials, and a strict policy of completely one-off designs.


garbageThe ugly side of fabric flowers

Many floral hair accessories on the market are quickly produced replicas of an original design compromise quality for manufacturing speed by using time-cutting tools like hot glue guns. They often feature so-called “silk” flowers that are usually nothing but polyester and nylon blends– materials made from non-biodegradable petroleum-based plastic. Unfortunately, there’s also no telling how some of these components are manufactured. Things that are meant to look pretty, well, they start to have a really ugly impact! People mean well, but whether as manufacturer, artist, or consumer, we should consider how our individual choices affect the world.


PackagingAn eco-friendly alternative

Meandrous uses biodegradable, compostable, or recyclable materials in over 95% of each individual item (non-biodegradable adhesive is used to hold hardware like clips or pin backs on securely.) The majority of the materials involved also come fair trade, directly from a family-owned manufacturer, bypassing tens of thousands of miles in harmful carbon footprint, as compared to other floral components that get purchased through ‘middlemen’. Additionally, Meandrous always seeks to improve, finding more opportunities to incorporate environmentally-conscious options into the work and reduce negative impacts.


The materials make the difference

The basis for most of Meandrous’ floral designs is mulberry paper- a material made from the bark of the mulberry tree. It can be safely harvested each year without actually killing the tree so no trees are killed to create the fabric-like paper used in Meandrous floral designs! 

Just as durable as fabric options, yet far more delicate looking, Meandrous florals first undergo a non-toxic, completely natural strengthening process to help ensure long-life, and then an intricate 3-5 stop painting and shaping process, one petal at a time, resulting in floral components with an ethereal realism that can’t be replicated by flat, artificial “silks”.  These finished leaves and florals are then expertly wrapped into a finished piece by an artisan with over a decade of experience.


More quality, less cost

The best part? Even with all the love and care put into each design, these natural materials are still less costly than artificial polyester silks! And, unlike newer companies and designers who’ve sprung up over the years, Meandrous never replicates a design. Every piece is one-of-a-kind to give jewelry lovers like you a beautiful piece of wearable art, and for typically less than the cost of a run-of-the-mill product




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