Diorama Jewelry Video Giveaway


Congratulations to: Meghan (ParticleWoman) !



Are you stopping by to learn about how to win the jewelry giveaway? If you win my randomized drawing, you can choose between the tiny park diorama bracelet or the pendant (just add your own chain and you are good to go!) And it’s for free. I pay shipping and everything!

So how do you get entries? Let me tell you.

To enter the contest and get one entry you just have to do one thing:

Subscribe to Meandrous Art on YouTube and Facebook

C’mon, you know how the internet works. I give you something for free and you watch my stuff and help me spread the word. That’s what all these giveaways are about. let’s just honest about it. (Okay, I do get kind of happy to give something away because I like when people are excited. n…n) But that’s it! Follow my crap for your chance to win. The end!


So what are you waiting for? Head over to Facebook or YouTube and click “like” and “subscribe” and get your entry in!


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