New Gallery Showing!

[image description: Interior of an art gallery. Various sculptures stand on white pillars, a few people browsing.]
Photograph Credit:
Wow, it’s time for my first gallery showing! I’m honored to have been granted a place in The Schack Art Center’s juried Summer exhibition, “The Art of the Garden“! For those of you following on Facebook, you’ll have had updates, but to everyone else: The show opens tonight at 5pm and runs until 8pm. If you’d like to meet all the artists involved, tonight’s your night..! But if you miss it, don’t sweat it. The show will run all Summer long!

What a preview of the pieces I’ll be showing? (I thought you’d never ask!)



There are two diorama pieces and a number of my diorama necklaces (although they were a last minute addition, so exactly which will be displayed hasn’t yet been revealed to me!)  I suppose you’ll just have to go to find out so, if you’re local, consider heading down to the center tonight. All the fantastic artwork, from over 50 local artists, will be available for sale so you can take home your own piece of the garden.
See more details, including address and direction, at The Schack’s website!


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