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Fairy Garden Penny Chairs (Throwback Thursday!)

For years I was an avid tutorial blogger. Although I’ve recently formally shuttered my old vegetarian bento and crafting blogs, I saved a few posts that I thought were still cute and thought I’d upload them for funsies.

This one is an easy, 10 minute project to make some little dollhouse or fairy garden chairs with pennies and wire. With Spring now here for a lot of folks, they’d look super sweet in a planter and don’t take much skill, nor any expensive supplies!




  • pliers
  • wire cutters
  • 16 or 18 g wire (I chose copper tone, but you can even use a coat hanger!)
  • 2 pennies per chair
  • strong, industrial glue (I used E-6000)



STEP ONE: The Legs


To form the legs, cut two lengths of wire.

The length you make the wires here represent the four legs of the seat. Twist them together in their approximate middles and bend as shown.

Trim the legs to match in length if necessary.

STEP TWO: The Seat Back


For the seat back, bend an arch shape.

This rounded section will act as support for the rear penny.

Twist the extra length around your first twist and tighten down with your pliers to make it stiff and secure.




Try creating a simple curl at the foot of each leg and create matching bends deep enough for the seat penny. Bend the seat back at the angle you like.

This is where you want to take a little time to test that your chairs don’t wobble. Set them on a flat surface and if they tip too much, make a little tweak in your bend. There’s no real technique here, just experiment!

STEP FOUR: Add the Pennies

When you’re satisfied with the bending, simply glue on your pennies and leave them to dry long enough before adding to your scene!


4 thoughts on “Fairy Garden Penny Chairs (Throwback Thursday!)”

    1. Yeah, right? :> It was actually just a craft store miniature. Even though I try to make really intricate miniatures myself, my favorite to collect and own are kind of dorky ones like this!


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