Relaunch Sneak Peek!

Meandrous designs have been exclusively carried by local boutiques and galleries these last two years, but I’ve been flattered to have continued inquiries to purchase existing pieces or get custom work online. While some of these inquiries come from collectors and art fans, I get a lot of requests from folks who just love the idea of wearable miniatures and dioramas and really want to get their hands on unique art jewelry at not-art-gallery-prices. Well, if there’s a demand for my artwork available to folks outside of my local community, I’d be happy to make that happen!

I’ve been working up some ideas for the last few weeks and have come up with a brand new regular line of designs that I can offer online! They’re thoughtfully designed to include a lot of the themes and features from my best-selling pendants and bracelets, but done in a more easily reproducible way that lets me offer detailed artwork at price points for the more casual shopper. But don’t let the idea of standard designs fool you– The pieces will still be made to order and you’ll get to choose customizing features such as flower colors and chain types so you’ll still get the experience of a fully customized, handmade, wearable art piece that’s just the way you like it.


For those who still love having one-of-a-kind works, I’ll also be offering a selection of art jewelry and art pieces (including some fun pieces that draw on classic literature and pop culture) online! These will be the same kinds of pieces I put in gallery shops and boutiques– tons of details, completely hand-constructed features, and intricate settings. There will be limited numbers of them available, but they will be able to be shipped anywhere, worldwide!


Something I’m really excited about is incorporating more seasons into my work. Some of the pieces in the regular line will now include different seasons (like a new Springtime cherry tree dome pendant) and different climates (like the flowering cactus desert design,) but I’ll also be releasing a limited run of season-specific designs that coincide with the changes here in the Northern hemisphere. The first seasonal release will be Summer, and there will only be 5 available!


The relaunch is still a couple of weeks out, but I’ve already got some of the new designs made. If you’d like to see how they turn out, please visit the blog again! You can also follow Meandrous on Facebook and if the algorithm decrees it so, you’ll catch future posts on your feed.
So, what do you think? Feel free to leave me a comment below letting me know if you spy a sketched design you’re interested in or if you already have a favorite Meandrous design. Are you new to my work? (Thanks for stopping by!) Would you wear diorama miniature jewelry?


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