Miniature Monday

Cute Animal Miniatures to Make You Squee

To bring a little more ‘awww’ to your week, Meandrous is now launching a series of Miniatures Monday blog posts so you can get a dose of adorable to get your week off on the right foot. So whether you’re headed back to school, the office, or the coal mines, do yourself a favor and follow the Meandrous blog to make sure you won’t miss out on the roundup of cute tiny things and dollhouse miniatures you need in your life.

Artist: Kerri Pajutee
Social Media:  IG: @pajutee_miniatures


I recently met someone who adopted a cat that had to be shaved like this and I love her. Shaved Persians are one of the top five things in the world.


I hope one of those books is a Poe.

Kerri’s skill is super inspiring! I’ve made a couple tiny birds for larger terrains I’ve made, but as they’re not my primary focus, I haven’t nearly the practice someone like Kerri has. Her website describes the process she uses, as well as how time consuming it can be.

Yeah, don’t doubt that for a second. Great job, Kerri!

Artist: Teensy Weensy Baby
Social Media: Teensy Weensy on Flickr


I’m a sucker for fawns, and this unironic brick to the face of cuteness is okay with me.


O….O omg.


I’ll consider this a diorama of chickens who won the lottery?


I think a cat on a spoon for scale is supposed to be whimsical, but I think it’s just a little too easy to imagine this as an advertisement for very adorably morbid cereal. :>

Artist: Julia Derevshchikova
Website: Fluffy Animals


These miniatures are larger than the usual minis I’d gush over, but if you can’t figure out why I’d post these, there’s something wrong with your eyes.


Just give me a couple pots of paint and a half an hour with this thing and I’ll give Lisa Frank a run for her money.

Did you have a favorite miniature? Let me know in the comments!

Be sure to pop in next Monday for more minis, and follow the blog for more posts on art, beauty, DIY, fashion, jewelry, and more!



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