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My Pinterest fail means free prints for you!

If you’re an artist or a crafter, it’s guaranteed that at some point you looked at a project and thought, “hey, I could do that!” and then had it… well, not really work out as you’d hoped.
0888c73f603e0142eeea1d71705711faSuch was the story of my Tuesday when I attempted the popular “fish in a bag” Pinterest pin, which I thought I would then be blogging about today! It started off promising enough, but I detect my downfall probably started when I overfilled my bag with resin. After I realised there was no way to close up the top without it overflowing, I thought that I could just squish the extra out the top and…. Well, that somehow I’d do something magically that would make it work out. Long story short, the entire bag (and my hands) were covered in resin and there was no coming back. The bag ended up looking less than impressive and I spent a good 10 minutes cleaning up my skin.

Please enjoy the slideshow of my failure!

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As you may have observed from the photos, I started in the daylight but worked on that fish until sundown, but therein lies the challenge of working with resin. There is no ctrl+z.

After the disappointment, I decided to head out to the river the next morning and take a day to chill and get re-inspired. While I was out there, I took some photos and wanted to share them here. If you like any of them, feel free to use them as stock photos, for phone backgrounds, or whatever you want! I would appreciate a credit back to my website, http://www.MeandrousArt.com if being used for anything other than personal use.

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I also have a small number of ruin-porn-y photographs available for free download with print-ready resolution available on DeviantArt. You can print these for yourself, although if you’re in the position to support independent artists, DeviantArt offers the images as photo prints, canvas art, and more which I’ll get a small cut from. You’re welcome to use the images for any personal use, but again, please provide a credit back to http://www.MeandrousArt.com for other uses.

In the comments below, shout out your best or most entertaining craft fail– bonus points for sharing photos!



2 thoughts on “My Pinterest fail means free prints for you!”

  1. Oooh I love all your photos! Aw that’s too bad the fish in a bag didn’t work out, it looked like it was going so well. I love the teeny fish. Resin sounds so intimidating to work with, like it could go really well or be a giant pain in the butt! Anyway, this whole post is great. I always appreciate craft fail stories, it makes the whole process of creating art seem so much more real and also accessible, you know? Like, ok cool if people who work on art all the time mess stuff up, it’s fine if I, as a giant n00b, also mess up as I’m learning stuff.


    1. I saw a post one time on my terrain/miniatures forum where someone had made a HUGE house up against a canal with individual shingles and hand-placed ivy leaves climbing up the side of the brick wall… it was super choice. They poured the resin in the canal and it got so hot while it was curing that it literally MELTED the underside of the wall and part of the house. Resin is no joke! D: I’m just grateful that while I’m using resin it’s usually in super-small quantities!

      Anyway, yeah, craftfails are necessary! People in my life sometimes think I don’t craftfail anymore cause I’ve been artsy fartsy for so long and because we always curate the best to show on the internet, but it’s so not true. I’d never succeed at anything if I didn’t try and jack it up now and then. Good for you for keeping with it!


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