Miniature Monday

Adorable Summer Inspired Miniatures

If you need a dose of cuteness to get your week going, you’ll want to start following the Meandrous blog– Miniature Mondays mean you’ll get to enjoy a collection of minis that will give you life. This week, I’ve rounded up pieces from three talented artists who’ve made tiny art pieces with great Summer vibes. So pour yourself another cup of coffee and scroll on for the good stuff!

Artist:りっこ (Rikko)
Social Media:  IG: @mysiderikko


While I can’t say I’d really want to stand in a hot kitchen and make preserves in the Summer, I can’t pass up the cute colors!

shave ice

Shave ice is an important way to make it through Summer heat- just try not to actually spill yours.


Yes please to this strawberry smörgåsbord, right here.

Rikko has a ton more on Instagram- I’m already a follower, so be sure to check out Rikko’s feed. And if you didn’t know, Meandrous is also on Instagram, so follow me while you’re at it!

Artist: Caroline of Cinderella Moments
Website: Cinderella Moments


Riding around on a bicycle is something I really love to do when my health allows. Seeing this powder blue bicycle with a basket full of fresh bread reads like a perfect Summer morning to me. First, pedal like mad and feel the wind in your hair and your heart beating wildly in your chest, and afterward? Hardcore carbo-load on French bakery crack.

Caroline sells PDFs of her intricate dollhouse plans on Etsy, if you’d like to get your fingers on some plans for yourself.

Artist: Sadie Campbell
Website: Tiny Tails Miniatures


I had to share these birds at the feeder because I’ve recently installed a bird feeder for the first time and love to sit in the shade and watch them go nuts over it. (Also… if anyone wants to get me any of Sadie’s tiny budgies, my birthday is in December.)

(Just FYI :> )

Sadie has also made some OOAK African Greys getting-into-trouble themed miniatures and if you want to check them out, they’re on the Tiny Tails Miniatures website.

What’s your favorite Summer activity? Let me know in the comments!

Be sure to pop in next Monday for more minis, and follow the blog for more posts on art, beauty, DIY, fashion, jewelry, and more!



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