Miniature Monday

Morbid Miniatures

For this week’s Miniatures Monday, I’m shaking it up with some morbid miniatures. I love some dead flowers as much as I love the live ones, but if morbid isn’t your cup of tea, skip this post and join us next time! But if spooky or dark is your jam, scroll on!

Artist: Lori Nix and Kathleen Gerber
Website:  Lori Nix / Kathleen Gerber



Starting out with the couple I wish would adopt me, photographer Lori Nix and her partner, Kathleen Gerber, craft what are (in my opinion) the most impressive and exciting modern dioramas. Try not to cry about the fact that after they take photographs, they literally throw the dioramas away.


Get your socks knocked off by viewing more on Lori’s website.

Artist: Frances Glessner Lee
Learn More: Smithsonian American Art Museum



Jumping to a real classic here, Frances Glessner Lee was the talented genius who took her hobby of dollhouse crafting and created some of the most famous dollhouse scenes of all time. They were used as tools for individuals learning how to think like an investigating police officer.


Artist: Unknown



I was unable to find an artist to attribute these to, but I need those display cases in my life. Everything about this makes me want to up my game.

Find more dioramas and miniatures like this by heading over to the Meandrous Pinterest and follow your favorite boards for more goodness than can fit in one blog post! 


Artist: Christina Bothwell


This brilliant glass sculpture is beautifully dark and complex and captures themes of nature and the cycle of birth, death, and renewal. Christina has more pictures at, and also includes a video of the artistic process.

Artist: Polina Verbitskaya
Etsy:  WeirdSculpture (note: adult content, teeth, body parts, etc.)


While this might be a little out there in terms of what I’d think of as a miniature, it was too rad not to Pin. Miniature food earrings are good and all, but who doesn’t want to wear a mouthful of flowers?

Artist: Janice
Website: Ah the Macabre


Janice has done a really great series using pine wood craft coffins. That is a great collection of bottles! The snake oil salesman coffin is a super clever concept to draw from too.

I’ve also used coffins like these for landscapes, and even taught a lot of students terrain making skills with a beginner coffin-based project when I was teaching classes locally.

One of my students, pictured above, is a blogger and photographer who writes about family life, animals, and more under the name Particle Woman. If that’s your kind of jam, be sure to check out her blog!

Artist: Nichola Battilana
Etsy:  Pixie Hill Studio


Have you ever heard of vampire hunting kits? There’s some controversy as to whether or not all the kits being sold are authentic historical items, but for a miniature lover like me, craftsmanship is craftsmanship. There’s a more affordable version of a kit made by a fairy artist in super tiny size that’s totally inspiring and would make a perfect Halloween item (or just an all around item if you’ve got gothy black blood running through your cold veins) and I couldn’t pass up adding it to the list.

Question of the day: Are you into the macabre aesthetic? Horror movies? Murder mysteries? Share in the comments!

Be sure to pop in next Monday for more minis, and follow the blog for more posts on art, beauty, DIY, fashion, jewelry, and more!



2 thoughts on “Morbid Miniatures”

  1. Hiya, Meander! So unexpected and fun to see myself on your page, thanks for the link!! And omggg dude, I love all this stuff!! The Lori Nix + Kathleen Gerber stuff is incredible, I bookmarked the page so I can go through all their projects. The mini nature classrooms with animals as teachers thing about killed me with its creativity and cuteness. And I was really surprised by the idea of a diorama about anything other than pristine beauty. Dioramas of things falling apart or having that “I used to be on fire” look is so intriguing. And the murder stories / forensic stuff?? I’m going to go back and read all of that, so cool! What an awesome post!


    1. For sure– I am usually making cutesy things too so it’s not like I do much to buck your notions about diorama subject matter! Resin is super challenging to work with so I haven’t tried yet, but there are some really cool sunken city things out there too you might like.


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