How Gifting Works

Curious how to get a piece of artwork for free?

  • If you want something that’s up for grabs, please comment on the place you saw the gift/giveaway link
    • If commenting on Facebook or Instagram, just comment on the picture of the one you want
    • If commending on  Twitter or DeviantArt, comment on the link with the number of the item you want
  • You can ask for more than one item, but please make a different comment for each item (for example, don’t say “I want this and this and that” all in the same comment, please :>)
  • It doesn’t matter if you comment on FB, IG, DA, etc, I’ll look at all comments
  • Please let me know why you want it (I like to give my things to people who really love them, not just who want something for free!) All the same, please keep the comments on the shorter side in case I end up with many to read! :>

Shipping Information:

  • Make sure you can commit to covering shipping and packaging before requesting something! If you’re not able to cover shipping, I’ll have to give it to someone else.
  • You can calculate estimated shipping/customs to your region/country yourself using the weights I provide in the descriptions on the website and the USPS website.
    • Remember, boxes can weigh 1.5-4 oz or so and padded envelopes usually about .5 oz so add this to your calculation
    • Not sure which? Breakable or lumpy things need a box, relatively flat things that won’t break can have envelope! Please try to estimate this when verifying you can cover shipping.
    • Flat rate boxes cost more than first class boxes, but ship faster. You choose the shipping rate/service you want!
    • Your package will be mailed from a 98208 zip code in the USA (you use this information for delivery calculation estimates! :>)
  • I will try to use recycled materials/packaging, but if I have to buy a padded envelope/packaging etc, I’ll ask you to pay this portion (the art is free, but ALL packaging, shipping, and import/etc. fees are up to you!)
  • Please be able to receive an invoice and pay by PayPal

If you’re selected:

  • I’ll direct message/private message you to let you know and update the gift listing with your name.
  • I’ll invoice you or you can pay me with the shipping estimate you calculated and wait until the payment clears.
  • I mail items in bulk so there might be a delay while I find out where every package is going and I wait for a time it works with my schedule to go to the post office. Please be patient! :>
  • After the items are physically mailed, you’ll get tracking information and will be refunded any shipping you paid over, or receive an additional invoice if your estimate turned out under.
  • When you receive, please let me know! Share pictures with me, do whatever! YAY! ARTWORK!






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