The Artist


The artist in semi-profile. Meander has dark brown hair with a rolled coif hairstyle with closely shaved sides, pale skin with pink tones, and wears a silver nose coil and a simple floral headband with roses in Asexual pride colors of purple, white, grey, and black.

Text that reads "Meander Holzer".

I’m an nature artist who can’t seem to keep a garden alive. I also don’t really like getting eaten by bugs out in actual nature. It’s probably too cold or too hot out there to boot. My goodness. I’m more the sort of nature-lover who loves it through a window while I’m curled up in woolen socks with a cup of coffee and a fire on the hearth. Likewise, my artwork is meant to be a window into another place. Often idealized or fantastical, I love the idea of creating a fairy tale or an alternate universe our minds can wander into. While, at first glance, my work may seem like it’s just about a pretty scene, I personally feel it’s more about emotional escapism.

These days, I make all kinds of things. For many years, I was selling my artwork through Meandrous as a brand, and almost exclusively focused on art jewelry, whether my floral line, or my miniatures line. But that meant that if I was inspired to make a dollhouse miniature from a video game, I had to wonder where that’d fit into my brand’s aesthetic. If I wanted to try micro knitting and make a dollhouse dishcloth, I knew that wouldn’t make sense in my Etsy shop. And what if I sewed up a backpack or wallet? How could that fit in? …Well, now I don’t really limit myself artistically. If I want to make it, I do. And if I want to make something and never make another, I do that too. Once it’s finished, if I don’t want to keep it, maybe you’ll want it!


A 'film strip' style collection of photos of the artist. Meander appears as described above, but is making a series of different expressions- smiling comically with a finger pointed to the cheek, as if a dimple; smiling coyly with chin on folded hands; a dry and unamused expression; a hand to the face and head tipped, expression seeming to playfully reference a fainting damsel.


When not creating art, I’m a student in software design and a single parent of one. I’m a supporter and advocate of accessibility and disability issues, equal rights for queer folks, and other marginalized people. I also sing in a Norwegian language choir and love role playing and D&D. I’m super into vintage things and like to care for and repair old lace and electronics. One day, I’d like to learn to restore furniture.

My greatest wish is to own a small home and to get a version of Skyrim in V.R. that’s stable enough to not cause motion sickness (though these dreams are in no particular order.) My favorite animals are chickens (because they’re the cats of birds) and swans (cause they’re beautiful jerks) and I sing Jazz covers of top 40s on karaoke night and am not embarrassed about it.


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