Gifting FAQ

Do you have questions?

Look for answers to some of the questions I’ve been asked below, and if you want to know something that’s not here, send me an e-mail to or a Facebook private message.


My personal decision to give art away for free does not mean I am, in any way, against the notion of fair pay for artists for their labor and expertise. Art is necessary and artists should be valued. The reason I choose to give my art away for free is because I chose to quit the business of selling art as a professional and now choose to be a hobbyist artisan. Please support independent artists whenever possible!


  • Why are you giving it away for free?
    • Because I don’t have the time or the interest in doing the work it takes to get my artwork found online to attract customers. I want to keep making art and it doesn’t do me any good just sitting around getting dusty. So do you want it?
  • Is there something wrong with the art?
    • No, it’s not defected or anything. I just enjoy the process of making art, but don’t generally want to keep what I’ve made. I only have so much shelf space.
  • Really?
    • Really.


  • What do I have to do to get art?
    • When I offer a piece or pieces up, I’ll put it either on my website or Facebook and will cross post about it on Instagram, Twitter, DeviantArt, or like… whatever. You know, the social media places. There will be instructions as to how to throw your bid in. It’ll probably be comprised of leaving me a comment telling me why you want it and I’ll select from those. (I’m new at doing this, so this answer may change as I figure out what works best.)
  • Who pays shipping?
    • You do. :> Both shipping and any packaging costs (like filling, boxes, envelopes, etc.) but I re-use shipping boxes and packaging as often as possible to keep these costs low or none. Also, #ReduceReuseEnvironmentalismSon
  • How much is shipping?
    • It depends on how big the item is, how much packaging it takes to keep it safe, and to which country and how fast you want it to travel. I’ll share an estimate of shipping or a weight with the gifting information on each item so you can figure out how much it might cost for you in shipping on your own before you express your interest.
  • What if I really want something that other people are also asking for? Can I pay for it to make sure I get it?
    • No.
  • Do I have to donate money to your tip jar if I get something for free?
    • No. But if you’re in the position to donate, anything you do donate will go to a good and pressing cause such as disaster relief, education, or access to medical care. I don’t keep any donations and WILL NOT disburse donations to hate groups, political figures of any party or any country, or any charity which discriminates in who it provides help to.
  • If I donate, will that increase my chances of getting free art?
    • No.
  • I didn’t know about your artwork before when you were selling it, and now I do and really want some but I don’t live near the gallery you still have work at. Can I buy some directly from you?
    • Maybe. I get pretty anxious trying to make custom work for people. I get anxious about deadlines, anxious if they’ll like it…anxious about everything which is why I usually don’t like making custom work. But I -am- a disabled single parent and full time college student which means I’m broke AF and if I’m wondering how to get dinner on the table, then maybe the answer will be yes because #capitalism ;…; But in general, the answer is just…. maybe. It doesn’t hurt to ask though and I’m not mean about it or anything. I’ll just say ‘sure’ or ‘sorry, I don’t think I can.’ Also, thank you for liking my work and being passionate about it :>
  • Does the place you still sell art have an online store or ship items out of state?
    • Not that I know of, but please don’t call or contact them, because they’re not my personal broker, just a large gallery and shop that sell the work of many artists. They’re great to visit though if you’re in the Pacific Northwest or traveling in this area and you could buy some work firsthand! If you have questions, contact me at


  • You picked me to get something! How long until you send it?
    • I’m sure you’re probably excited, but I do have a super busy lifestyle and mobility limitations so it’s not always easy to just pop out at the drop of a hat. So I’ll say… not the day you found out you got it, but not like a month later either. It’ll probably be 3-10 days so I can find a time that works for me. One of the benefits for me of this being free to you is that you don’t get to send me intense e-mails asking WHEN WHEN WHEN. Like… I’ll do it, promise, but be patient with me. :>
  • How long does shipping take?
    • That will depend on what level of shipping you want to pay for and where you’re located. I’ll ship it as cheaply or as quickly/expensively as you wish. You’re the one who’s paying for it, so that’s up to you.
  • What if you sent me something and it gets lost in the mail?
    • I’m sorry! ;…; I can’t do anything about that now, but depending on the circumstances I might make you something else to replace it if I have the energy or time or let you pick something else and we’ll try the mail system again.
  • What if it’s damaged in the mail?
    • See above
  • What if I don’t like what you sent me once I get it?
    • You’ll always get to see pictures of what I made first when I’m offering it up. If you don’t end up liking it, I dunno what to tell you. Give it to someone else who -will- like it then.
  • What if I really wanted it, but I can’t pay shipping after all?
    • I could hold onto it for a bit so you can wait for a payday or something like that. If it’s taking a super long time though or you fall out of contact, I’ll give it to someone else who wanted it, though.
  • What if you selected me but I change my mind and don’t want it anymore?
    • Let me know so I can offer to give it to someone else who wanted it please :>


  • What do you give away? Is it big stuff? Small stuff?
    • I give away anything I make that I don’t want to keep. It can be a tiny, simple thing, or something mega intricate. It just depends.
  • How much is it worth?
    • It would depend on what it is, but I prefer if we just think about its value to you rather than its theoretical dollar value.
  • Blah blah blah, I’m being rude and demanding and insulting, and give me some free stuff!!
    • No.
  • I won the thing, you chose me, give me the thing, I want it mailed Priority and you should pay the shipping and it better be here by Monday or else I’m giving you only 1 star!!!
    • No.
  • But you already chose me! YOU HAVE TO GIVE IT TO ME
    • NO.
  • I’m telling everyone you suck!
    • Cool story.
  • If I tell other people about this/mention it on social media, won’t that just hurt my chances of getting free art?
    • While it’s true that, if more people find out about what I do, it might be harder for you to get chosen out of the pool of interested folks– I don’t want this to be a small secret club of a few people to collect my artwork. Feel free to post/tag Meandrous on social media or tell your friends who might like my art. I’d like anyone who likes my stuff to have a chance to have some.
  • I feel weird about taking art for free. Can I please tip you at least?
    • I created the charity tip jar  so that anyone who wants to support what I’m doing can show that support or appreciation through charitable donation. If you feel particularly strongly for some reason that you would like to tip/pay me specifically for my work, then please contact me by e-mail at and we’ll chat about whattup ;>
  • I don’t really want any art, but I like what you’re doing. Can I help you purchase art supplies for the cause?
    • If you’re interested in donating specifically for the purpose of making me flush with art supplies with which I can then make rad things for rad people, I will accept. Please contact me by e-mail at



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