wear nature

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ear wraps

Meandrous’ first design, and still the most popular, Ear wraps require no piercings and are light as a feather. Made from carefully arranged, hand painted roses and expertly twisted wires, Meandrous ear wraps look like they’ve grown right on you.

Designs reflect a number of seasons, from Spring and around to Winter, and special-release designs include unique flora combinations like clover, mushrooms, and more.

personal accessories

This wearable art style is also available in:

~ hair combs and clips

~ brooches

~ statement necklaces

~ and ornamental headbands


for the home

Meandrous brings its classic vibe home into pieces that you can display as functional art. Wrapped candles, touch up mirrors, attention-grabbing portrait and memento frames, and other limited-release collections give you a way to display nature in a truly unique way.