These are the things I’ve made that I’m currently giving away:


(Not sure what this is? Read here first.)

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  • Small, handmade boxes holding miniature altar supplies
    • Item 1: YELLOW: sea salt, quartz point, candle, synthetic fiber lace round, floral wire pentacle. Box is decorated with hand-painted yellow rose and upcycled jewelry parts
      • Weight: 1.3 oz
    • Item 2: PURPLE: sea salt, polished amethyst stone, candle, dusty purple wool cloth, floral wire pentacle. Box is decorated with upcycled paper and jewelry parts
      • Weight: 1.5 oz
      • Ships in a box

ABOUT: I made a set of tiny altar kits because I love tiny things (natch!) I was a practicing Pagan for 20 years, but these days consider myself secular Pagan. Although I don’t typically practice anymore, there seems to have been quite the resurgence of Paganism and of Witchcraft and so I thought for sure there’d be folks out there who loved the idea of Pagan or Witchcraft tools or home accessories that were a little different than the usual. If you like these, I have three more to give away in the future!


  • Item 3: Pocket-sized terrain decoration
    • Beach scene using foam, resin, polymer clay, natural materials
    • Comes in tin round with removable lid that has glass cover
      • Weight: .4 oz
      • Can ship in padded envelope

ABOUT: I made a whole series of “pocket vacations” like this last year, but I think all of them have sold by now. They were intended as a mental escape while you were at work or school- like you could have it on your desk or pocket and gaze into it and imagine you were somewhere else. When I was going to do a relaunch, I came up with two designs (a beach and a forest) that were supposed to be quick to make and didn’t have much detail so that I could sell them a little more inexpensively. This is the beach one. It’s a little less detailed than I would have done ideally, but, you know, read above. If you like a little more simple design, then please take this one for yourself!


  • Item 4: Unavailable! (Given to Shannon K!)

ABOUT: This was the first dome necklace I built upside down like this. It’s got a little mushroom ring and everything! ;…; So cute! This was before I had any fast-curing UV resin that doesn’t need to be mixed. I was thinking of how little resin I’d need to build the pond and waterfall and decided to try filling it with a clear silicone instead of trying to mix up equal part resin in the quantity of approximately ‘one drip’ and ‘one drip’. It worked, but it also took about 3 days to dry fully!


  • Hair clips
    • Eco-friendly, biodegradable materials, harvested harmlessly from live trees
    • Hand painted details
    • Alligator clip holds long, short, thick, and thin hair easily
    • Item 5: PINK AND PURPLE: Weight – .6 oz
    • Item 6: BLUE: Weight – .2 oz
    • Ships in a box

ABOUT: I’ve made painted flower ear wraps, hair clips, and just about anything else you can wrap in wire for a crap of a long time now. I don’t personally wear my ear wraps (I just like making them) but hair clips I do wear and have about 4 of these that I wear now and then. The color still looks great and they have held up for years!


  • Item 7: Candy themed terrain
    • Hours and hours of creation O:
    • Polymer clay, foam, resin, faux wool, nail polish, flocking, and more o.o
      • Weight: 5.7 oz
      • Ships in a larger box

ABOUT: I made this for a monthly competition at the TerraGenesis forums. I had a ton of fun making it and the teacup daffodils are inspired by the classic Willy Wonka movie. The tree is a sprig of millinery leaves from Australia. The drippy chocolate is probably my favorite part. Or the cotton candy. Definitely the cave. I think it’s super adorable, but after the contest I was like…. cool. NOW what the hell do I do with this? I wish I could give it to someone who wanted it. I never even tried to sell this one. I always thought I’d get around to trying. Now I’m just going to do what I wanted in the first place and give it away. If you like it, please have it! : >


  • Item 8: Autumn themed container terrain
    • A brass case with embellishments
    • Foam, wire, plastic, natural materials
    • Lid does not close
      • Weight: 2.7 oz
      • Ships in a box

ABOUT: Originally, I was making terrains in brand new containers like glass jars and whatnot, but I felt like they lacked a certain something. Later, at a second-hand shop, I’d spot a little brass case like this and build a treasure cave terrain in it and loved the effect of an old container with cool shapes, age, defects, and things that really give it life. This was another brass container I found on a subsequent trip and wanted to make a scene of something like a park in Fall. …. aaaaand…. that’s the whole story. The end!


  • Pentacle necklace
    • Natural materials, purple flowers are hand painted
    • Comes with chain pictured
      • Sterling silver plated (costume quality)
      • Both appx. 18″ w extender on white pentacle only
    • Can choose white ( Item 9 ) or purple ( Item 10 )
      • Weight: both .3 oz.
      • Can ship in a padded envelope

ABOUT: I was really stoked with myself when I came up with the idea of making floral wire pentacle art because, when I was a wee Witch, it was pre-Internet days and you just couldn’t even get pentacles to speak of. Or if you did, it was from the few metaphysical shops who had catalogs of stuff that’d been imported. They were usually pewter or had really intense Goth or dragon or vampire themes. These days, selections are better and the internet lets you reach all kinds of makers who are making unique work. Um, like this. >.> Except I hate marketing, so you probably never knew someone was making them like this, did you? Anyway, here they are. I think they’re super adorable. Want one?


  • Item 11: Terrain with secret hiding spot
    • Sterling silver (probably plated) miniature vase, intentionally left tarnished
    • Terrain piece lifts up for hidden storage
    • Land piece is finished on top and bottom to appear as a floating island, is weighted with lead to make it easier to lift and replace neatly
      • Weight: 3 oz.
      • Ships in a box

ABOUT: I think birch trees are my favorite tiny tree, but they take extra work compared to other kinds of trees I make. They have my favorite kind of leaves too- made of paper from a German terrain materials company. I made a YouTube video of me making this particular piece, but I don’t think I did a good job recording. >.> Ehem. If I make more YT videos, I’ll try to do better. You probably can’t see the parent and baby trout in this piece, but they’re hiding down in a cave and you can see their making in the video on YT. This setup of a collection of mixed trees and a little stream coming out of rocks is one of my favorite to see in nature, so I like to make it in terrains.