Meandrous is a sole proprietorship by nature artist, Meander Holzer, who makes wearable art and unique display pieces for the home. Made with incredible attention to detail, but still reasonably priced, Meander seeks to create a fresh take on nature-inspired art that allows retailers who carry Meandrous designs the ability to offer their customers something they’ve never seen before.


Meandrous offers 3 types of art items: wearables, display art, and functional art.

See a selection of offerings below, and visit the artist’s portfolio to see additional examples.


Wire Art Wearables

Eco-friendly, durable, easy to wear; a creative way to wear nature. Also available in brooches and statement necklaces and in styles that represent all four seasons.

Take a look at Meandrous’ demo video showing off the construction, fitting, durability, and care of this nature jewelry here.


Diorama Wearables



Micro terrains and miniature scenes encapsulated in necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings. From beaches to deserts, featuring butterflies, birds, crystals, and sometimes even teeny cow skulls, Meandrous diorama jewelries are made in designs that range from serious works of wearable art for collectors to funky kitsch for the blissfully eccentric.


Display Art

Small works of art that bring nature home. Overflowing from teacups, sprouting from books, filling up antique boxes, and shrunken down into matchboxes, Meandrous offers diorama art that modernizes this oft forgotten art form.


Functional Art

  • Wire wrapped mirrors, candles, and picture frames in the style of Meandrous wire art wearables let you surround yourself in fantastic stylized vines and flowers year-round.
  • Micro dioramas that are modified to function as paperweights or fridge/office magnets
  • Interactive secular or spiritual shrines, as well as tiny “travel altar” kits walk the border between display art and functional artwork that let you express your spirituality, or play with it in tongue-in-cheek ways
  • Embellished boxes, containers, makeup brushes, and other vanity accoutrements that make getting ready a little more fun


Fairy Gardens (Functional Art)

Fairy Gardens are a popular trend that marries container planting and dollhouse miniatures. Meandrous makes quality, handcrafted faux-stone pieces, artificial flowers to augment live plantings, and other dollhouse style miniatures that can be used by dollhouse collectors or in indoor gardens.




In addition to making and selling artwork, Meander also teaches art classes, including the lively and social “paint and sip” style classes. For retail shops with creative and classroom spaces, Meander can teach introduction general craft education, such as sewing and crochet, as well as unique projects that offer prospective customers an alternative to the same old painting projects available elsewhere. Classes run 2-3 hours and fees can range from $30-$40 and are a great way to engage with the local community and create exciting events for your store that can draw in new customers.

Meander is fully equipped with all student supplies from scissors to paint brushes and places an emphasis not on instructing students to copy each step, but actually helping each student learn skills that will allow them to continue creating art their own. Meander has had consistent 5 star ratings from previous students and taught students as young as 8 years old. Classes help teach general skills, but the project can be styled to meet your demographic’s desires, such as the following “nerdcrafting” classes for local ‘geeky’ restaurant and social meeting place, AFK Tavern in Everett, Washington:

  • Intro to terrain: miniature graveyards inside a pinewood coffins (holiday decoration)
  • Intro to Victorian paper flower making and vintage jewelry upcycling: decorating your own Steampunk or Neo-Victorian mini top hat
  • Intro to diorama jewelry making: tiny Cheetos and Mt. Dew with gaming dice as a necklace (“Gamer Pride” jewelry)
  • Intro to polymer clay techniques and miniature constructing: making “Hobbit Hole” doors, clotheslines, and more for living “Hobbit Hole” fairy garden


Demographics and Trends:

Meandrous has been in business since 2004 and made the following observations about their demographics:

  • Wire art wearables have been favored by brides, costumers/cosplayers, theatre/film actors, photographers, for spiritual/ritual wear, and LARPers/Ren Faire go-ers as well as worn by those who enjoy lifestyle fashions such as Goth, Steampunk, Fairy, Mori Girl, Lolita, Rockabilly/Pin Up, Pastel Goth, and more.
  • Ear wraps do the most sales in Spring and Summer and there is typically a larger surge of ear wrap sales in prom season, Halloween, and wedding seasons, while hair accessories remain steady year-round, with the highest interest in accessories that correspond to the season (i.e., Autumn style wraps do the best in the Fall, etc.)
  • Wire art wearables have a history of favor with crowds over 25 years old through  mid-forties and primarily with those who identify as female. Functional wire art (such as wrapped picture frames and candles) has typically been favored by those who identify as female and primarily 40+ years old, although they experience mixed-demographic popularity in gift-giving situation for weddings or at Mother’s Day.
  • Diorama jewelry has shown to have appeal to youth through seniors, with primary parties being “artistic” or “quirky” female-identified people in their 20s-30s and jewelry collectors aged 40+. Diorama display art has shown to have equal appeal with any gender, typically ages 20+. Popular games such as “Warhammer” and other tabletop games use similar materials, making a special connection with “nerdy” crowds.


Price Points:

Meandrous wire art wearables and functional wire art is low-cost to make, allowing for very flexible pricing which can flex to meet a retailer’s target demographic’s budget while still providing fair profits to artist and retailer alike. Ear wraps have a suggested retail from $25-$35 and hair accessories from $15-$45, depending on size, with bridal or ritual-wear pieces typically retailed $65 and higher. Brooches, necklaces, and other wearables use the same amount of materials as ear wraps and so have similar price-point ranges.

Diorama jewelry can be time consuming to produce, but the artist prefers to keep prices low to make quality art accessible to as many people as possible. While the market expects $60+ price tags for some creative handmade jewelry, Meandrous diorama jewelry typically runs between $35-$65 with most pieces in the $30-$40 range and coming paired with sterling silver plated costume-quality components, but can be strung on higher quality solid silver chains and priced higher to meet the demographic in shops with higher-end goods.

Display dioramas can take between 3-10 hours to complete and range from $60-$125 and up for the incredibly intricate, or for those with heavy resin work such as cross-sections of water (e.g., beaches, aquariums, etc.)

Other functional art has comparable mid-range prices and specifics can be provided upon request.


Contact Information:

I would like to thank you for your time and attention and would like to answer any questions you may have or to make myself available to bring samples for you to look at in person. I’m open to consignment arrangements as well as outright purchases with no quantity minimum. I am able to mail most wire art designs and diorama jewelry, but prefer to hand-deliver diorama display art or other large pieces.

To let me know how I can help facilitate any possible arrangements, feel free to contact me via mobile/SMS at:


or by e-mail at:


Thank you again for your time,


Meander Holzer

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