Miniature Monday

Morbid Miniatures

For this week's Miniatures Monday, I'm shaking it up with some morbid miniatures. I love some dead flowers as much as I love the live ones, but if morbid isn't your cup of tea, skip this post and join us next time! But if spooky or dark is your jam, scroll on! Artist: Lori Nix and… Continue reading Morbid Miniatures

Interview, Learn With Me

Interview with Portland-Based Illustrator, Robin Casey

If you haven't been living under a rock for the last couple of years, you no doubt know that brush lettering and cool typography is all over everything these days from reusable coffee cups to tote bags. But who are the artists who quietly work behind the scenes to innovate and create these trends that… Continue reading Interview with Portland-Based Illustrator, Robin Casey

Miniature Monday

Adorable Summer Inspired Miniatures

If you need a dose of cuteness to get your week going, you'll want to start following the Meandrous blog-- Miniature Mondays mean you'll get to enjoy a collection of minis that will give you life. This week, I've rounded up pieces from three talented artists who've made tiny art pieces with great Summer vibes. So pour… Continue reading Adorable Summer Inspired Miniatures

Miniature Monday

Cute Animal Miniatures to Make You Squee

To bring a little more 'awww' to your week, Meandrous is now launching a series of Miniatures Monday blog posts so you can get a dose of adorable to get your week off on the right foot. So whether you're headed back to school, the office, or the coal mines, do yourself a favor and follow… Continue reading Cute Animal Miniatures to Make You Squee