How Gifting Works

Curious how to get a piece of artwork for free? If you want something that's up for grabs, please comment on the place you saw the gift/giveaway link If commenting on Facebook or Instagram, just comment on the picture of the one you want If commending on  Twitter or DeviantArt, comment on the link with… Continue reading How Gifting Works

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My Pinterest fail means free prints for you!

If you're an artist or a crafter, it's guaranteed that at some point you looked at a project and thought, "hey, I could do that!" and then had it... well, not really work out as you'd hoped. Such was the story of my Tuesday when I attempted the popular "fish in a bag" Pinterest pin,… Continue reading My Pinterest fail means free prints for you!


Diorama Jewelry Video Giveaway

NOTE: CONTEST CLOSED! Congratulations to: Meghan (ParticleWoman) !   Are you stopping by to learn about how to win the jewelry giveaway? If you win my randomized drawing, you can choose between the tiny park diorama bracelet or the pendant (just add your own chain and you are good to go!) And it's for free. I pay shipping and… Continue reading Diorama Jewelry Video Giveaway