The interior of a jewelry box. There are pieces of new and vintage jewelry inside. Two silver-colored metal vintage makeup compacts are set next to one another in the jewelry box tray. One is quite small and round, the other rectangular with soft edges. Both have detailed engraving for decoration.
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The Story of Cheramy + Vintage Compact Repotting

Today I'd love to share with you a hobby of mine that ranks in dorkiness somewhere slightly above my nerdy bird-watching habit and just slightly below my fondness for drunken YouTube karaoke. It's.... vintage compact collecting. It's not just vintage compacts. I also love vanity kits, crystal dishes, weird vintage hair styling equipment, and twee vintage… Continue reading The Story of Cheramy + Vintage Compact Repotting

A few wire flowers with a thin film of dried nail polish as petals. There is a bottle of nail polish and a wire twisted around a round makeup tool that shows a flower mid-construction.
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Nail Polish Flower Compact (Throwback Thursday!)

Have you seen those nail polish flowers? They're a classic Pinterest staple and while they can be a little tricky, they're not so bad with a little of the right technique. But... what do you do with finished nail polish flowers if you don't want to make about a thousand of them to complete the Pinterest crown? Well,… Continue reading Nail Polish Flower Compact (Throwback Thursday!)

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Fairy Garden Penny Chairs (Throwback Thursday!)

For years I was an avid tutorial blogger. Although I've recently formally shuttered my old vegetarian bento and crafting blogs, I saved a few posts that I thought were still cute and thought I'd upload them for funsies. This one is an easy, 10 minute project to make some little dollhouse or fairy garden chairs… Continue reading Fairy Garden Penny Chairs (Throwback Thursday!)